The Different Kinds Of Enema Solutions

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30 Oct 2010

Lower Gastrointestinal Or Barium Enema:

Within most hospitals and clinics you will find this sort of Enema, it entails an X-Ray of the large intestine to assist diagnose certain diseases and ailments affecting the given area. The use of Barium allows the intestine to be visible by x-ray and that i assure you is very safe, this is a good method to see whether your intestine is in good shape or not.

Coffee Enema Method:

You’ll gladly realize that drinking coffee provides another benefit to your wellbeing, I’m talking ground coffee though and not that instant stuff. The caffeine ingested through coffee becomes directly absorbed into your body and circles through the live detoxifying it from toxins. The caffeine likewise helps the liver to produce more bile which is then expelled with the smaller intestine.

Yogurt Enema Method:

In my opinion the only benefit of yogurt is the active live bacteria, studies have shown that this aids your body in lots of ways, one of these is being able to help cleanse the body. Yogurt likewise helps the digestive tract and those people who are struggling with an inflamed bowel, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), constipation, hemorrhoids, colon cancer, and many other such afflictions may use this enema. If you are not suffering from may be Yogurt is still a great safeguard to keep the digestive system running at optimal function.

Lemon juice Method:

This process of Enema is performed with a third of a cup per quart of water or enema solution. The Lemon juice Enema has very strong cleansing properties however it may cause cramping.

Garlic Epsom Salt Method:

This method requires three cloves of finely chopped garlic coupled with two quarts of water. Bring this means to fix a boil and add two tablespoons of Epsom Salt. While it’s warm (NOT HOT!) make use of this as your enema solution, once again the strength of garlic pervades!

Epsom Salt Method:

Using Epsom salt in your enema solution largely increases the quantity of water absorbed with the intestine as well as acts as a laxative. This is one of the more popular solutions for an enema, quick, and simple.

Brine Method:

I suggest using salt in all your enema solutions since it reduces the quantity of water into and out of the colon that will prevent an accumulation of water within the kidneys and bladder. Why is this important? Well this means you will need to take less trips towards the washroom to expel the answer.

Baking Soda and Salt Enema:

This solution will largely assist in clearing toxins which are circulating throughout your colon, to make it you will be using one tbsp sea salt, one tbsp baking soda, and two quarts of water.

Glycerin and Mineral Oil Method:

This method is used to assist absorb water and clean the colon using oil, which provides a lubricant freeing up sticky feces. 1 and a half quart of tepid to warm water with two tbsp of salt, two tbsp of mineral oil and a pair of tbsp of glycerin.

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