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10 Oct 2010

To get the most out of your Unibind system it is important to understand the different types of tools are available to Unibind. Here is a quick overview of the types of Unibind binding supplies, which allows the device:

* Perhaps the most unique product offered by Unibind Spine Steelback. Steelback spikes are designed to show the reports and the professional look, while still allowing you to use your own presentation covers. These include a colored spine removable paper liner. Once the document is linked to the lining paper is torn off. The result is an individual document with your own cover set. This means that unlike thermal binding you will not need to buy a uniform coverage of the reports and presentations.

* Unibind also offers a huge selection of hard cover, which is called Steelbooks. Steelbook Hard-hard-shell case, a piece of thermally activated steel spine. Simply insert the paper to the spine of the hard cover book, throw it into the Unibind system for about a minute and is ready for a hard cover book. Includes Hard Steelbook are size, half letter size, and there is a new line of photo albums, that the defendant is the 8.5 “side.

* SteelCrystal Unibind covers and a clear PVC backing, attractive colored steel spine. Crystal covers one-piece steel cover, which means that the shell of the spine and binding are integrated into the piece. This makes these stocks are extremely easy to use, simply place the documents under one roof and one or more places to spread UniBind system and other automatic!

* SteelMat SteelCrystal line covers a similar cover, but it has a matte and backing (as opposed to the Steel Crystal clear front cover). Steel Mat covers are required for a unique product that has a matte (frost) front and back cover, attractive colored steel spine. The “vague” transparent front panel, so the image will be shown through, and offers a scratch-resistant finish for longer life. They have a thermally activated adhesive in the spine that securely binds most paper stocks are safe.

* Finally, Unibind offers a truly unique line ministries and DuoBinders that incredibly unique. The portfolios offer Velcro secured front flap in front of a box, which is 15mm, 30mm and 45mm thick. DuoBinders adaptation of the ministry that they are of the same type of storage with a ring binder mechanism in front. DuoBinders perfect demo packaging materials, samples, catalogs and more …

This is a quick summary of different types of Unibind supplies are available on the market. Of course, in many sizes and colors to fit almost any subject you want to demo. Look at yourself and see how the reports and presentations look great.

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