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19 Oct 2010

Many of us seem to be born with the dreadful fat genes that plagues us all through our life. We do see those blessed skinny people that seem to get away with eating everything and anything. But for the unlucky majority of us trying to consistently manage what we eat can be such a daunting task. Trying to eat only the foods that are healthy for us gets tiring after awhile and we then start dreaming of the bad foods that we miss. This ends up being our downfall, we look at those desirable foods more frequently and we end up indulging in them a little more often than we were. You will be able to get past those temptations with the proper guidance supporting you.

These days it is no surprise really that fat intake has to be considered when you are talking about losing weight. Your safety net is not the products that claim they are free of fat. Disguising fat with synthetics is what they are actually doing to us. The digestive system gets confused when it runs into synthetics and this messes up your body.

As a result of Harvard testing, you will notice a difference in your weight loss if you skip the fat free foods and just eat good fats. It is important to eat fat calories as part of your diet everyday but they need to be natural healthy fats because we just don’t digest foods that are of foreign in nature and we can’t go without fat. But, it is more important to choose foods that are free of trans and the other bad fat, saturated

Now it’s time to look at sugar and how it goes against your goals. When you like something so much you crave it again and again. With sugar that is what happens to your brain. The brain signals this pleasurable feedback into your body and wants you to keep more of it coming. Certain drugs affect the brain the exact same way and when you satisfy those cravings it becomes an addiction. Sugar can get to you without you going straight to it. There are so many products on the market that contain some form of sugar that we don’t even realize we are consuming it. Watch out for the fancy substitute names for sugar.

Another thing to consider is that to your body, there is no difference between white flour and sugar so avoiding both would be best. You can eat some sugar providing it is combined with something nutritional and that could be dark chocolate. Your brain is smart enough to know when it has had something of value as well and it will send a signal much sooner that it has been satisfied so you end up eating less. You can lose weight faster by not eating sugar because your metabolism will speed up.

Understanding what fat, sugar and your metabolism can do for you should set you up with a clearer starting point of you should be trying to accomplish when you head out for groceries again. It’s up to now to bring to make your goals a reality in becoming healthier.

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