The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cricket Broadband Service

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15 Oct 2010

If you have been thinking that maybe it be neat to have a modem with you anytime you go somewhere for anytime internet, there is good. Internet carriers are now offering a mobile modem that you can attach to your computer for use outside your home.

Cricket Broadband is a high speed Internet service that you can take with you anywhere you go. It doesn’t have any contract or lock in of any kind. It offers unlimited use very inexpensively. The company is currently offering zero shipping costs and use for the first month free. The modem will definitely work with any computer that meets the minimum requirements of having a CD Rom for installing software, a USB port with a Type A slot, a minimum of 128Mb of RAM and a hard drive space of at least 32Mb. It works for both selected Macintosh and Windows but not yet with Linux.

The Internet service can be used bay up to two computers if the modem has been activated on both computers. The Cricket broadband service is now offering some amazing promotions and special deals along with the convenience that goes with utilizing the mobile internet. However, prior to you buying the modem, ensure that the area where you will be using the modem has a good Internet signal. If the area happens to be in a dead zone, you won’t be able to access anything.

Cricket broadband offers wireless Internet access limited to particular cities. The primary advantage of the Cricket service is the cost, because it will provide unlimited mobile broadband for as little as $20 less than most other services that have 5 GB caps. In addition, it doesn’t require a contract. However, there are some disadvantages to the Cricket broadband service. In spite of the claim of unlimited use, the Cricket services will slowdown the connection speeds if you download more than 5 GB.

Most users say that the Cricket mobile broadband may be slow in some areas but is usually reliable. The average download speeds are much faster than dialup, and adequate audio, web pages, and email, but not for games or video. Most user complaints have to do with poor technical support, restocking fees during the initial trial period, and rebate fulfillment. There are other mobile broadband service providers who can provide offer more national coverage, that can make it easier to find a connection when you are traveling.

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