The Power Of The Mind Creates Your Reality!

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7 Oct 2010

Not all people realize that mind power can actually help bring positive changes to one’s life. You may not realize it but you are actually using it in your everyday life. The power of the mind influences all aspects of your life. While it commands you body to function, it may also command positive energies to bring positive changes in your life.

In truth, you use your subconscious mind power every day. Whenever you dream about getting your dream job and hope to fully recover from an illness, you actually put the power of the mind in action. This perhaps explains why is it that when you think of something before you go to bed, it seem to magically happens in the morning. There are instances when you plan to wake up at a certain time before sleeping at night, and you end up waking at that exact same time.

In fact the more scientists research quantum physics it seems that our whole reality is in fact merely a product of our own mind. That our mind power is in fact reality.

Eastern religions have demonstrated the power of meditation and mind power for centuries. With their definition of reality, real things were believed to exist because we have imagined it.

Ironically, in this age of advanced science, experts are still looking at ancient scrolls and texts to determine the true nature of being real or reality.

So if reality is a creation of our mind, then it seems logical to presume that we can change our reality by changing the way we think about things. We can change things into whatever we want with the power of the mind.

But how do we do this? The real first place to start is by mental conditioning. In order to unlock your power of the mind, it is important that you clear out unnecessary thoughts, and start fresh. One of these methods is by meditation, which while there are many different techniques, there are a few simple exercises that you can do yourself.

To effectively meditate, try sitting on a comfortable chair in a darkened room. Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. Breathe in through your nose and out to your mouth. You may experience light headedness but it is only your body’s natural reaction to the increase in its system’s oxygen supply.

Visualize yourself in front on a tranquil pond with pebbles in it. The pebbles symbolize your random thoughts and ideas, your every day confusions. Imagine getting those pebbles out of the pond. Once you are done, you are now ready to unlock the power of the mind. Clearing out the pond is clearing out your mind with random thoughts that constantly goes in and out of your mind. This way, you will be able to separate your random thoughts from your wishes and wants.

Don’t have wishes for impossible things like world peace; these are relatively unreachable by one person alone. You can wish that you can help the planet by recycling or other things. For example, you can wish to find a dream job, one that you will enjoy, but be specific about what you want.

For example, if you are having trouble in your relationship, you could wish for help communicating with your partner. While you can’t make them communicate with you, you can influence them by improving yourself.

Now realize that some things may happen right away, but other things take time. Unlocking the power of the mind does take some time, and you must overcome mental programming that says you can’t. This is a very simple thing that you can start with.

Although mind power has tremendous influences to every aspect of life, it still needs you to take your part. When the mind can control how your life will come to be, it is you that controls the mind and its immense power. So if you wish to get your dream job, you still need to red through the classified ads, send in applications and do your best.

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