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31 Aug 2010

Sunless tanning is becoming increasingly popular not only women but men too. In the past few years, sunless tanning has taken the tanning world by an overwhelming majority. People, especially in the longer find their way to a warm and healthy-looking skin, without direct exposure to sun or UV rays.

But sunless tanning solution is truly effective and safe tan? Will really give a good and sexy looking skin? How long will a sunless tanning product last? This can only raise a few questions that most people can get hooked in to the sexy and attractive tan looking skin than women.

Sunless tanning also come in different methods and different approaches. But the safest option by going into sunless tanning lotion. This type of spray bottles from one type or from a tube type.

Spray tanning the same as the application of best tanning lotions directly onto the skin. However, as the name suggests you do not need to go directly to the skin Lather, all you need to do is just spray directly on the areas that are flaky and dry, and even the whole body part, except in those areas in which it should be the same as the palm and under the gun.

Sunless tanning lotions proven safe by the FDA or U.S. Food and Drug Administration. These are the main contents of dihydroxyacetone (DHA) which chemically reacts to the dead skin cells to cosmetically dyeing them golden brown. Makes the skin a natural tan after tanning or spray application. Best tanning creams are usually a cool effect, and dries quickly without drying the skin. Of course, there is a light unisex scent, and to ensure that the comfort for both sexes.

However, no matter how the best in tanning products still have to examine that part of the skin that can, if you are allergic to the product or not, some people are allergic reactions in the normal lotions for men.

If this is the case for men with sensitive skin, it has preferred to use a tanning lotion, water-based. In addition, there are different color choices, or nebulae, there is a half-dark, very dark colors and are usually tan, the colors are perfect for people with fair skin. Anyway, the best tanning lotions will not “orange” skin and scratches, of course. This is the most important factor to consider in choosing lotions that best suits your needs. Remember to pick up a skin naturally tanned skin is not Sunkist.

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