Astral Projection Techniques Explained

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21 Sep 2010

Astral projection or otherwise called out of body experience lays its base in a theory that, human body is constituted of both physical body and astral body. Astral body can leave physical body and travel in astral plane. The theory has been got strong religious support and now experts also derived to conclusion about existence of out of body experience.

This phenomenon is derived out of the concept that human body is constituted of both spiritual and physical bodies. These two are two distinct parts so that it can go on travelling while it is getting an ideal condition. In most cases, it happens when our body is sleeping. Then conscious mind is in rest and human condition is almost dead like. In such a state human spirit can leave smoothly.

If you practiced some astral projection techniques well you can send human spirit to astral travel and enjoy the freedom and divine happiness of astral projection. History stands with strong evidences of practicing spiritual walking among people from ancient India, Africa and Egypt. But unfortunately their followers dropped practice of those wonderful astral projection techniques and that diminished d number of people who can go on spiritual travel.

There are certain astral projection techniques which will help you to achieve such state of mind which is essential for astral travel. Before you practice astral projection techniques you need to gain control over your mind. To gain control over your mind and improve your concentration power, practice yoga and meditation. It will have great benefits with you. Once you gained control of your mind next is practicing astral projection techniques to enjoy the world spiritual walking.

Move to bed one hour before your usual sleeping. Don’t try to practice it when you are so sleepy and wait for a pillow to sleep. Avoid heavy meals like vegetarian and diary products. It may require more energy for metabolic process and will affect tiresome soon.

Go to bed one hour before your usual sleep. Never attempt when you are tired either mentally or physically. Don’t practice in a very sleepy mood and when your eyes are waiting for a bed to sleep. Control your diet and avoid heavy foods. Lay flat on bed lay your hands on both sides and look straight up. Put your legs together and put your bed and pillow properly to give you comfort. Stretch your hands up so that you can keep yourself awaken. When you are falling to sleep while you are practicing astral projection techniques your arms will fell down and you can waken up. Our aim is to create a condition between awake and asleep.

Take deep breath and relax. Fresh up your mind and wipe away unwanted thoughts. Clear and controlled mind is essential for astral projection. It is impossible to have astral projection from a stressed, pressured and an uneasy mind. And it is also impossible to undergo on spiritual walking when you are tired either mentally or physically.

Close your eyes and focus on sound and images and thoughts that your mind directed by unknown force that flashing in your mind. Take notice of the thoughts or visuals when your mind struck on some thing you feel unusual. Concentrate on that and you gradually something very different. For example you feel like you forgot to take up your daily routine to day.

Concentrate on visuals and thoughts, which you feel extra ordinary. Wake up and relax after sometime to make sure that you are not sleeping. Again go back to same position and same state of mind. So you can keep yourself in a state between asleep and awake. Which is ideal for astral projection?

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