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17 Sep 2010

“Middle Age Spread” is the term used to describe deposits of fat that begin to appear about our middles as we reach middle age. Originally thought to be a benign sign of the more sedentary lifestyle that comes with a settled career and family life, it is now understood that the accumulation of tummy fat is potentially harmful to our health.

Learning how to lose tummy fat is essential because fat in your midsection has been directly linked to everything from diabetes to high blood pressure to heart disease and even some cancers.

There are two types of tummy fat: Subcutaneous, which is the fat that you can grab with your hands and is just under the skin; and visceral, the fat surrounding the intestines and abdominal organs. The latter variety is decidedly more harmful. So there are more reasons than just appearances sake that we should learn how to lose tummy fat. Fortunately, both types of tummy fat can be lost easily through dieting and exercise. By altering what we eat and how much we eat, our bodies will begin to burn up the excess adipose deposits.

A nutritional plan, combined with exercise that builds muscle and increases metabolism, is the best approach to lose tummy fat.

Nutritional Plans

Never restrict your diet too much when you want to lose tummy fat, you can actually do more harm than good. Our bodies evolved to store fat when we don’t eat enough, in an effort to prevent starvation.

With that in mind, it makes more sense to reduce our intake to between 1,800 and 2,000 calories, which is slightly below maintenance levels.

To help you with your progress and to stay on course, you should keep a log or diary of all of the foods you eat, the calories they had, and the kind of results you’re seeing. Before you even start a diet to lose tummy fat you can do this for a reference later on.

While you don’t need to eliminate carbs from your diet, you do need to avoid eating the bad carbs and bad fats. These are the processed foods rich in sugars and low on nutrients, and the foods with trans-fats that can harm your health a great deal.

Another useful step when learning how to lose tummy fat is to simply avoid prepared foods. These are usually preserved with chemicals and loaded with sugars, fat and sodium.

A healthy nutritional plan to learn how to lose tummy fat will include lean meats and protein sources, and fresh fruits and vegetables. Reduce alcohol consumption as well, which only provides empty calories.

In the beginning of a diet plan, you want to sharply reduce carbohydrate intake in order to help get the process of losing weight started.

After your weight nears your target, you may begin to slowly elevate your carb intake until you stop losing tummy fat. This will probably be your maintenance point.

As you begin your exercise program, your protein intake should rise to about 25% of your caloric intake. Good protein-rich foods are: Eggs, organ meats, unprocessed beef, pork and chicken, fish, beans and other legumes.

Don’t rely too heavily on soy protein, which our bodies are not entirely adapted to. They don’t provide all of the amino acids that the human body needs for muscle growth and proper functioning.

Exercising to Lose Tummy Fat

Muscle mass in your body burns three times more calories than an equal amount of fat, which means that exercise to build muscle will greatly increase your metabolism and help you to lose tummy fat.

To get started with a safe and effective training program to learn how to lose tummy fat, consider joining a gym or seeking out a personal trainer. Stick with weightlifting over cardiovascular exercise to achieve your goals and stay as healthy as possible.

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