Newport Beach Brow Lift

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15 Sep 2010

Newport Beach Brow Lift

A new direction is taking the plastic surgery realm by storm and it is based on recent ideas of how to portray good looks and facial revitalization. Dr. Calabria of Vertical Facelift calls it the “deflation theory”.

In the face, the aging course causes diminution of the skin and basil layers while the effect of gravity cause the facial tissues to languish in a perpendicular direction creating excessive skin and “jowls”.

The conclusion is a consummate disappearance of volume of the face (the deflation effect) and an analogous shift of bulk from certain areas of the face to other, lowering the desirableness of areas such as the nasolabial fold, the jaw line, the areas beneath the eyes and the neck.

Todays facelift methods attempt to correct the problem by pulling in an artificial, dextral direction, producing the so-called “wind swept look”. Typical facelifts also bring a flattening effect on the face due to pulling the skin tight.

Newport Beach Brow Lift Advisement

Therefore facial rejuvenation has been vexed for years by two major blunders: incorrect direction of the pull vector, (lateral vs vertical) and bidimensional, skin-only, (flattening) approach.

The way Botticelli painted Simonetta Vespucci in his Primavera’s, you can appreciate the “volume theory” of a budding, alluring face: basically, becoming older creates volume loss and the main goal of a face lift should be to reestablish the lost volume.

The vertical facelift was developed in the same way Botticelli composed his paintings: thinking in a 3D style by restoring volume and, therefore, youthful shape and attraction.

Procedural planning is very important: in order to create the appropriate road map for the procedure pictures of the patient from their 20’s and 30’s are combined and analyzed with current pictures of the patient.

Newport Beach Brow Lift

Thanks to modern endoscopic technology achieving the desired goal is possible with minimally invasive procedures and nominal scarring for a Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Newport Beach and Palm Springs, California facelift.

Cameras adhered to scopes, instituted through tiny cuts project magnified video to our operating room TVs, thereby permitting us to access crucial regions of the face, with specially designed instruments, and modify and shape underlying tissues according to our aesthetic needs.

Using similar technology, the vertical face lift is performed. An unnoticeable incision is made in the hairline and mouth. Sutures are tentatively placed in a space that suspends and adjusts the facial contour vertically, maximizing a becoming appearance.

Because this method achieves its success with less swelling and bruising, and eliminating noticeable scars, after surgery healing is usually less than one week. This approach is suitable for those who’ve had previous facelifts that look unnatural or wind blow.

Newport Beach Brow Lift

Due to the absence of scars, this procedure is popular among younger patients as it is less invasive. For older patients the vertical facelift is integrated with an endoscopic neck lift to rid the excessive skin on the neck.

With micrografting of fat into important areas, the rebuilding of volume is achieved in combination with an endoscopic browlift. The final product is a natural, soft, young shape with restored volume.

Dr. Calabria would like to acknowledge the other minds whose thinking has triggered him the most: Bill Little, M.D., Steve Hoefflin, M.D., Oscar Ramirez M.D., Sam Hamra, M.D., and Sherrell Aston, M.D.

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