Black Friday Madness

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21 Jul 2010

Black Friday, the day when retailers look forward to all year. The Friday after Thanksgiving each retailer gives you a chance to celebrate, or suffer, because it often sets the tone for your holiday in the profit or loss. Last year saw a decline in holiday spending during the recession took hold, the first drop of years. What it means for the Christmas season of spending look like? Those of us at the other end of the professional marketers ‘Spear, who will do our best to avoid overspending during the day, this is the crosshairs. We will be bombarded by ads, and make recommendations, who at the best prices.

Unfortunately, this kind of hype works. Who can forget the video recordings of this disorder a few years ago, if someone was killed by a horde of customers. So how do we prevent the excessive spending, while still enjoying the traditions of the Black Friday shopping?

1st Make sure that the spending limit and stick to it. Maybe take your cash (safely of course), leave the credit cards at home, similar to what some players can not keep for more than gambling. You can only spend the money you are taking.

2nd Make sure that the list price of the planned acquisition. Part of the fun on this day, the excitement of finding what you wanted to buy at a better price than you planned to spend!

3rd Find the best prices and decide where to shop, not the due diligence. Scan the shopping ads, and not for online research. Check Web sites for comparison shopping. See this issue Cash Commons, a great new site is a personal finance questions on this topic.

4th Often, the best buys in the early morning, you can not be everywhere at once, to select the battles based on the amount of the savings element is the must-buy list.

5th Enjoy the company of friends and family, that day is an adventure, and I do not feel left out or depressed, if not flawed and that the credit card through the slot every few minutes.

Well, the fun begins. Have a great day of shopping and hanging out with friends and family. Remember, all purchases made by credit card, then returns to haunt me until next month, finished holiday shopping. Do not let ‘Black Friday’, log on to the black in January, when the money runs out before the bills are not.

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