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3 Jul 2010

Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone, and the production peaks during puberty. However, T levels decline begins after the age of 30 at around 10% in a decade. Although this decrease is gradual, the deeper becomes the time you reach 40,

Lower energy levels, mood swings, loss of lean muscle, weight gain, osteoporosis in all related decline in T levels. However, what makes a man truly concerned about the decline in sex drive or libido, which often translates to erectile dysfunction.

Although hormone replacement therapy can be made easier with an increase in T levels. Apparently testosterone boosters enhance the Male Sex Drive

* The egg protein, whey helps the adrenal glands to keep the T-optimal levels in the blood. Fruits and vegetables also have a positive impact, as it helps reduce fat, which negatively affects the T-levels.

* However, it is essential that you have essential fatty acids than omega-3 has an anabolic steroid hormone produced from cholesterol and diet, the fat is important that false lead to a lowering T levels.

* Lean meat is good for the production of male hormones. Studies show that people who ate meat a higher T levels compared to those who do not.

* Oysters another major source of increase in sexual desire. Oyster is rich in zinc, which plays a crucial role in male sexual function and lack of zinc can lead to low sexual desire.

* Studies show that nuts may increase specific T-Level is better than other foods.

In addition to the above foods, it is also important to adopt an active lifestyle. The lack of physical activity is not conducive to sex hormones. The study showed that intensive physical training for about 45-60 minutes per day to maximize the production of male hormones. Here it is important to note that he worked more than 60 minutes of a meeting can negatively influence the T-levels, because the body begins producing the stress hormone cortisol, which inhibits and reduces the production of androgens .

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