Manifesting Wealth And Prosperity Is Possible

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14 Aug 2010

Are you bogged down by money problems? Try manifesting wealth and prosperity with positive thinking. It is indeed possible.

The term prosperity may seem similar to wealth but it is not. It also includes other aspects such happiness and health, which might be reliant on money or wealth to a certain aspect. There are some of you who may have read books such as The Secret and The Law of Attraction. What do you think that these books have in common?

However, in truth, prosperity is related to other aspects as well. Happiness and health can be grouped into the category of prosperity. As the saying goes, Health is Wealth. You end up spending lots of money if you have poor health. Some of you might be familiar with books such The Power of Positive Thinking by Anthony Robbins and The Secret.

It does not matter whether it is from a philosophical, scientific or even religious point of view. Albert Einstein and other famous scientists that this universe performs daily actions using energy have proved it. The famous theory of relativity by Albert Einstein, energy changing into matter and vice versa took the world by storm. Hence, this world cannot function without the force of energy.

When we say a prayer of thanks for the food on the table, we are creating positive energy. This energy reaches out to the universe. As a result, the universe interprets the message as positive and works towards creating more abundance for you and your family. Of course, if you say a prayer of thanks or the billion dollars that you received or yet to receive, there could much less chances of the universe working towards that.

If you think negatively, the universe receives a negative message. Likewise, if you want to manifest wealth and prosperity for yourself, you need to think positively. Instead of thinking that you do not have money, think that you have money as advised in books like The Secret and The Law of Attraction. However, yes, it might be difficult to do so in real life when you are bogged down by the problems of life daily.

It could be the roof over your head or any other. Your mind can accept this and work in a positive way. It is something true and believable. To follow some of the steps recommended by some positive thinking books might be difficult. For example, it is difficult to imagine yourself rich and happy when you are financially down.

By being thankful for what you have and thanking the universe for the abundance that you have received, you create positive energy. The universe receives this message and interprets it positively. So, it creates ways for you to receive more abundance or wealth. Do not expect to strike a billion dollars by practising positive thinking.

If you are waiting for the results of your interview, think positively that you will be appointed for the job. This sort of thinking would be more acceptable for your brain. In addition, you may end up getting the job. This is also one way of manifesting wealth and happiness.

As you may realize, the books that stress on positive thinking are actually talking about what the religions of the world have been trying to do for years. The difference between these books and the religions is mainly the presentation. If you want to be happier and wealthier, try the power of manifesting wealth and prosperity through positive thinking.

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