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30 Jul 2010

An alarming rate of people unable to smile with complete teeth while some have become toothless can all be attributed to the high rate of dental problems such as tooth decay and gum disease which has struck through years past. For maintenance of aesthetics and function, oral prosthetic instruments are a must. Most people are not able to see these prostheses as a great substitute to real teeth as they are often ill fitting and uncomfortable. Now these patients seek one dentist to another seeking a solution that will alleviate their plight as dental cripples.

With our social and economic growth we can demand more effective treatment that will meet our needs as we become more aware of our dental and health state. Indeed, conventional dentistry was able to make a few changes that make dentures a bit comfortable however studies show that a vast majority of false teeth wearers still complain about discomfort and difficulty.

If you cannot speak, smile or eat comfortably thanks to a lost tooth or two, you should try getting some dental implants. You might find yourself stuck in a dental rut whereas you feel the need to hide from missing teeth, experience unstable teeth from undergoing a dental treatment that cured your advanced gum disease or your dentures may no longer fit as comfortable as they did. If you are bogged down with these things and cannot seem to smile, then dental implants hold the answer.

Many patients today are able to enjoy and gain confidence in their oral health today with the success rate of dental implants thanks to technological advancements and dental materials today. These dental implants are wonderful natural tooth root substitutes even as they are artificial. Made out of bio compatible materials, these easily and directly attach to the bone of the jaw. Osseointegration is what this is otherwise called. Coming with the shape of screws or cylinders, these implants act like tiny anchors. Amazingly, after these are inserted into the jawbone, they can act much like natural tooth roots. The implant is able to withstand biting forces, similar to a healthy natural tooth.

These dental implants are not for everybody even as its success rate in giving people nice comfy smiles is quite impressive. The traits of the ideal dental implant candidate is one who has great health, good oral standing and of course, enough bone in the jaw that will ensure the implant is well supported. Furthermore, the ideal candidate must be conscientious in carrying out oral hygiene and never miss out on any regular dental appointments. Patients aged 18 and above can find implants suiting them very well.

These dental implants are much like how tooth roots support natural teeth only they support replacement. They are certainly great alternatives against a denture that clicks, wobbles, clicks, causes pain, on top of preventing a patient from the embarrassment about missing teeth spaces. Once it was tested, systems in dental implants are put in its place by dentists that are well trained and the success rate it reaped was even beyond 93 percent.

Getting a conventional denture or bridge is way inexpensive compared to getting a dental implant. Many patients, on the other hand, can say that these dental implants are worth every penny, with the comfort and nice appearance it provides. A time investment from 5 to 9 months is essential for dental implants and this is already from beginning to finish. Like any surgical operation, a risk of infection comes with dental implants.

Right after the surgical phase, the jawbone would hold the implant in place strongly once these would attach to such implants. The jawbone underneath the gum tissues is where this attachment of bone to the implants remain. To expose the implant’s top, a brief second procedure is done after it heals in a span of between 3 to 6 months. Tiny metal cylinders or posts are projected through the gums and are attached to the implanted device.

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