Tips To Create The Nice Abs You Want

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28 Jul 2010

You have to do a couple things before you can get great looking abs: Workout right, and eat right.

In the past, I used to work with many abs machines. I was addicted to them. They were my favorite machines at the gym. I loved the thought of getting my abs flattened. I think that getting nice abs is one of the most wanted things on earth by both women and men.

But my results weren’t that splendid to say the least. In fact, I was stuck with a stubborn layer of belly fat which I just couldn’t budge. I then began noticing that the people in the gym who had great abs. And you know what I found?

I discovered that they never used any type of ab machines. In fact, some of them didn’t do any abs exercises at all, while other people just performed crunches on a stability ball. But they still had the best abs around, even though they seemed to not do anything about them. I asked around and then I discovered the truth: The main thing is to burn off the belly fat, not try to develop stronger abdominal muscles.

The truth is that until I got rid of my excess abdominal fat, nothing will work, the fat will hide the muscles and I will not get the 6 pack I desired.

So, I started focusing on fat burning activities, not on abs exercises. I did a lot of intensive cardio like running or high resistance bike riding. I stopped wasting all my time doing stomach exercises and focused on fully body weight training. I also discovered what to eat and when to eat it to make sure I was burning fat in the fastest way possible. I just did what I had to do to burn the most fat.

And it worked. I hardly do any abs exercises myself, but I still have a flat and hard stomach. If you truly wish to get the best looking abs, focus on fat burning workouts and not on stomach exercises.

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