Underarm Sweating Solutions

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24 Jul 2010

Underarm sweating can be a bad concern for a lot of individuals. Those enormous wet patches around your armpits can really turn off people. So, knowing how to stop armpit sweating is very important.

There are of course individual dietary and lifestyle changes which you can make for overall sweat seduction. There are other certain alternatives which you can make use of.

Rushing to the bathroom whenever you feel sweaty and uses paper towels to dry yourself and applying powder or deodorant may help, but it is not always possible to do so. Wearing heavy clothes to hide the sweat stains will make you feel uncomfortable and increase the sweat, though using garment pads to soak up the sweat is another solution.

There are other ways to end armpit perspiration. Women can shave their armpit, increasing air circulation. This cools the skin and reduces sweating. Another extremely efficient way of lessening sweating involves wearing light colored clothes.

It’s a well known fact that dark clothes attract heat, while light clothes reflect heat. So, wearing light clothes will create less sweat.

Also, tight clothes and synthetic materials decrease air flow. Wear loose, comfortable clothes, made of light materials which allow air to pass through and let the skin breathe and cool down.

There are many other remedies you can utilize to put an end to underarm perspiration. These are methods which lower the sweat emitted by the body, as opposed to just concealing it.

These are what we refer to as grand mother’s home treatments. So they only work over a period of time, so you must try them out for some time before getting results.

The apple cider vinegar treatment is about applying apple vinegar or any other malt vinegar to your underarms and allowing it to dry. The astringent present in vinegar blocks up the sweat pores, reducing odor causing bacteria as well as sweat levels. Let the vinegar stay overnight and wash it off in the morning.

The baking soda remedy is something that can work extremely well. A paste of baking soda and water has to be applied to the armpit region and left on for 25 minutes.

The alkali in the soda reacts with the acid in your sweat causing an instantly evaporating gas. The sweat will simply vanish in minutes. The single side effect is the rubbery feeling that you are left with.

But since this is infinitely better than sweaty armpits, it is inconsequential. Along with this, use a deodorant with high aluminum chloride content and watch the magic. These remedies are best applied on to shaved armpits for optimum results. So, change your lifestyle and stop armpit sweating.

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