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13 Jun 2010

Health Savings Account or HSA-type plans, the cheapest major medical plans are available. Reach the catastrophic coverage at a price you can afford.

The Internal Revenue Service announced that the maximum contribution to the people of the insured health savings account (HSA) plan can. The maximum amount will increase, and the minimum deductible amount will also increase.

The maximum contribution that can be an HSA (health savings account to a bank) in 2010 provided for a single person coverage is $ 3,050, $ 3,000 from 2009. For those who have secured the family’s plan, the maximum contribution basis for $ 6,150 from $ 5,950.

New maximum deductible limits

Many people happy to hear that the maximum deductible is $ 5,950 raised, the only persons insured from $ 5,800 this year. The family, the maximum deductible would be about $ 11.900 $ 11.600 in 2009.

New Minimum deductible Limits

The minimum deductible of the high-deductible health plan increases to $ 1.200 $ 2,400 for single coverage and family coverage. In 2009, the current minimum deductible of $ 1,150 for single coverage and $ 2,300 for family coverage.

How Health Savings Account type plans work

There is no doubt that the level of high-deductible health links with health savings account is the cheapest way to serious medical care. The savings resulting from the fact that nearly 50%.

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