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16 Jul 2010

Joint Glucosamine In The Body

Joint glucosamine is found naturally in the body. It is present in the joint cartilage. Thus, it plays an important part in helping to maintain the cartilage.Studies have found that when glucosamine supplements are combined with chrondoitin, they are helpful in reducing pain for people who are suffering from moderate to severe osteoarthritis.In case of joint glucosamine supplements, they offer benefit for patients with mild to moderate osteoarthritis. The benefits include less pain, decrease in stiffness, besides better functioning joints.

In case glucosamine supplements are taken in combination with MSM, it increases the effectiveness of both msm as well as glucosamine, in case they were taken alone. Together, they also have a strong anti inflammatory effect. Besides, this combination helps to reduce swelling as well as joint pain in patients with osteoarthritis.

Glucosamine supplements are highly effective in patients having knee pain due to damage to the cartilage. Earlier, conventional medicine could not find much to cope with arthritis pain. Then the NSAIDS came, which is the name for Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs. They were quite good at providing relief from arthritis pain. But they had some quite severe side effects in case they were taken for long periods of time.

These side effects included stomach bleeding to breaking down of the lower digestive tract as well as liver failure. The NSAIDS work by inhibiting an enzyme called COX-1, which partially mediates pain receptors.

Glucosamine is not like NSAIDs or the COX 2 drugs. Glucosamine works very differently than NSAIDs or COX-2 drugs as it is natural. Glucosamine helps to build as well as maintain cartilage, tendons as well as other connective tissues in the body. This is due to glucosamine acting as a building block for these materials besides inhibiting those enzymes that destroy cartilage.

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