What To Expect After Your Nose Plastic Surgery

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10 Jul 2010

Many people are going under the knife and getting nose plastic surgery. Reasons vary – from disliking the shape of their noses, to health grounds. If you believe that a nose plastic surgery can improve your life, then you should study a lot about rhinoplasty, ordinarily known as a nose job.

The nose plastic surgery can increase or reduce the size of your nose, modify the shape of the tip, narrow the nostrils, alter your nose’s angle, and correct breathing problems. A nose plastic surgery is quite common nowadays. It is a procedure that is performed on both men and women and the recovery period actually varies.

Around 24 hours after your nose plastic surgery, your face will look a bit huge and you could feel that your nose is often clogged and sore. Pain medications are required during this phase to relieve the discomfort. Puffiness and the pressure will continue and to help diminish the swelling, you need to keep your head elevated.Maintaining your head elevated reduces the swelling, and with less swelling you will have a faster recuperation and less soreness.

Three days after the nose plastic surgery, you will still see puffiness and bruising around your eyes and face. You will be prescribed to apply cold compress on your face to ease this irritation. It is still crucial to constantly keep your head elevated – as frequently and as much as possible. It is advised that you keep your head propped up with three pillows, also you should keep away from sun exposure for this time period.

Six to eight weeks after the nose plastic surgery, you can gradually see improvements. You can resume non-stressful activities a week after your plastic surgery. Still, you are not permitted to blow your nose.

Within this time period, the swelling and bruising will go away except maybe for some minor swelling. You are still not permitted to put on glasses and if you really have to, your glasses will have to be held in place by a tape.

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