Lose Weight With A Treadmill

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26 Jun 2010

A good electric treadmill can help you keep a regular aerobic exercise habit and thus help you lose weight. There are dozens of treadmills available with different features. So how do you choose a treadmill to help you lose weight? First of all, you should decide if you have enough room space for your treadmill . So measure the space and decide which corner you want to place it in.

Then, dress comfortably in workout shoes and try out several treadmills before you decide on the one to buy. Then go to your nearby fitness retail store and check out their merchandise. When you finally reach the treadmill section, identify these factors:

1.The Motor. The motor of a treadmill is the deciding factor in its longevity. Look for the larger, heavier motors. 2. Horsepower. This applies to “peak duty rating” and “continuous duty rating.” The peak duty rating is advertised on a treadmill tag. The continuous duty rating is stamped directly on the motor and is the rating that determines its quality and duration.

3. The thickness of the walking deck and the size of the walking track. The thickness of the walking deck and the size of the walking track should also be considered as it would help you greatly in your lose weight. The thickness of the deck affects the comfort of the legs and feet with prolonged use. The walking track needs enough length and width for you to walk comfortably without stepping off the track. If you plan to run on your new treadmill, you may want a longer track.

The latest treadmill feature these days is the shock absorption. It will allow effective cushioning for the legs, feet and back, the treadmill’s suspension must be directly under the walking deck. The padding can be made of foam or rubber.

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