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31 May 2010

There are many reasons why companies hesitate to equip their buildings with energy efficient design. One reason is cost, but another reason is the disruption posed by construction projects. If this is one reason his company for not taking advantage of cost savings that come with an energy efficient design, it is important to realize that they need to build energy efficiency is not breaking down walls and floors. For example, when selecting a low-energy lighting, your project may be finished within a month, with minimal disruption to their workers.

If you’ve heard of the cost savings from energy efficient lighting but not sure how much a change of lighting could save his company, research shows that, on average, the interior lighting for the 30 percent of the bill of a commercial building annual energy lighting and efficient application of energy can reduce the cost of indoor lighting by 50 percent. To determine exactly how much you could save with energy efficient lighting, you should begin by contacting an energy efficiency consultant who carried out the consultation process the energy in the following six steps:

Data Collection

After his first meeting with the consultant in energy efficiency, they will perform a comprehensive analysis of the building lighting system based on the following criteria, among others: the lamp and ballast types, levels of roof, light levels and the opportunity to turn off lights when floors or work rooms are empty.

Project Analysis and Design

With data in hand, the consultant will analyze it in relation to what you hope to achieve through an adaptation of lighting, such as light levels, light quality, cost savings and aesthetics. After completing the analysis, the lighting project will be fully designed.

Presentation of the proposal

The consultant will provide all the information you need to make an informed decision, walking in all aspects of the proposal and are encouraged to ask questions. concrete ROI figures will tell you the exact cost savings you should expect.

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