Portable Oxygen Concentrator

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30 May 2010

A few years ago, anyone who uses oxygen suffered a great loss of mobility due to being limited by the length of the tube connected to its delivery system. All this changed dramatically with the advent of portable oxygen concentrator around 2002. People were now able to take with them wherever they had to go.

The difference between a cylinder and an oxygen concentrator is the hub for supplies, while the cylinder is an oxygen storage. As long as there is an energy source for the portable oxygen concentrators is delivered to the user for as long as necessary. The models are either battery operated or can be plugged in. It can also be plugged into cars.

Those who should have continuous oxygen therapy or continuous semi experienced a very positive impact on their lives. The wider range of activities and travel has opened many new doors, for once almost closed in individuals.

An oxygen concentrator works by pulling air into a chamber and the absorption of nitrogen. The oxygen-enriched air in a tube is sent directly to the patient. Nitrogen is vented harmlessly. The size of the device determines the amount of air that can filter and then concentrated. A hub laptop is much safer than a tank of oxygen. The tanks are at risk of explosion, while the risk is not present with an oxygen concentrator. Concentrators have replaced the traditional deposits, even in the battlefields where the risk of an explosion is imminent.

Buy or rent this type of supplemental oxygen is covered by insurance companies due to the fact that greatly increased mobility, improved quality of life of a patient. Most doctors prescribe, and indicate that a portable device is a medical necessity to improve the health of the patient. At the request of a majority of doctors like to write a statement explaining why they call this type of oxygen to the patient.

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