What is Lipofuze?

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28 May 2010

With more knowledge comes more responsibility. As such, researchers have begun to develop best diet pills and ingredients to file more patents. Now, a patented ingredient means that the component has been proven through clinical studies, the most effective elements have been isolated, and ultimately, you get a more powerful and possibly even a recipe like effect. Part of the appeal, however, is that prescription as advantages, not worry about the side effects of prescription.

For example, razberi-k, also known as 4 hydroxyphenal butanol-2, is a form of raspberry ketone. It has been found to support the reduction of fat by decreasing absorption of fat in the body and simultaneously increase lipolysis or fat burning. The recommended dose is 100 mg twice daily. Ginger is known as the active component of fresh ginger, and is similar in fat burning to capsaicin or pepper. In short, it provides the same fat burning results without the side effects associated with many caffeine thermogenic agents. Advantra-Z is a form of bitter orange extract that has been associated with the same powerful effect of weight loss of ephedra, but no side effects. However, the main active ingredient Advantra-Z is called synephrine. Studies have shown that this component to be possibly ‘the best thermogenic substitute for ephedra’, according to studies at McGill Nutrition and Food Science Centre at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal and Georgetown Medical Center. Finally, ForsLean is a constituent of forskolin, and aims to re-create a melting effect of fat similar to ephedra, but without any risk to health. But ForsLean can also help your body build lean muscle mass, such as Guggul EZ100.

The difference between the patented ingredients and many ingredients can be found in the ads is that they can be and have been tested. Not just a stranger on the street who says a product should work. These are scientists who provide all the reasons why it will work. There are ingredients like green tea has also been demonstrated. But most companies do not use them in sufficient quantity to promote the desired effect.

But a diet pill in my opinion, seems to use of patented ingredients and very little evidence to the contrary in the right quantities is called Lipofuze. Lipofuze combines green tea, razberi-k, ginger, pepper, phenylethylamine, synephrine, Evodiamine, 7-OXO DHEA 20hydroxyeccysterone, cinnamon, fucopure, ForsLean, guggul EZ100 and Bioperine. In short, you get a product that combines fat burners, metabolism boosters, builders of lean muscle mass, and more. And the use of these ingredients, you can enjoy the best of both worlds. You will lose weight and fat at an accelerated pace, and you can keep your position is explained by the fact that your body is burning fat and increase muscle mass to sustain the gains in the distant future.

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