Creating Perfect Outdoor Fireplaces

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20 May 2010

Summer brings a multitude of activities that are enjoyed in the warm nights and hot days. People are outdoors for a much more time enjoying the sun and sitting outside a fire. There are several ways to enjoy a fire in the summer that does not involve any camp or house uncomfortably hot. outdoor fireplaces and fire pits are becoming increasingly common in many households around the world, and outdoor accessories have become useful fireplace lawn ornaments are as beautiful as they are useful.

A series of outdoor fireplaces are permanent installation of a patio, built with bricks or stones and mortar, metal or ceramic. Others are a more portable case with legs that keep the earth warm and removable screen to prevent hot ashes fire landing nearby and potentially igniting tinder-dry brush. Both versions require good fire safety and awareness.

The most important aspect of fire safety is always watching the fire. Never leave a fire unattended, even if no fire. Unattended fires cause the most property damage due to fire, and often negate any insurance claim. Watch the fire until completely extinguished.

Another important aspect of fire safety is to ensure that the fire is in a place does not extend in any direction, including above. Installing outdoor fireplaces beneath a tree is never a good idea. In urban areas is much more risks to consider, such as power lines, facilities, gazebos, fences, garages and the house itself. Be sure to check local fire code, because often there are limits to the size of fire allowed, type of property use, and even the type of fuel used. Burning garbage is illegal, and never a good idea to burn plastic wrap, wax-coated, printed paper, because the ink, tires, and many others.

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