7 Of Acai Berry’s Fun Facts

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4 Jun 2010

Acai berry consists of lots of health promoting features in it. With seven times more antioxidants than blueberries this berry is associated with the super-fruit category. Here’s a quick look at some of the powerful features within Acai.

Fun Fact 1 – Assists keep skin looking younger longer. Everyone wants younger looking skin. Women, more frequently than men, hate ageing. Acai promotes younger looking skin and assists to retain oil in the skin to enhance skin elasticity and general complexion.

Fun Fact 2 – Helps in developing brain. The younger you are the much more your brain is rapidly developing. Acai assists in this development process by providing powerful enzymes that help build different complex components of the working brain. Young kids can greatly benefit from this feature of Acai berry. Young kids can take Acai in its juice form as a source of vitamins. You can even call it their really own “Sunny D” with twice the advantages. Acai is even safe with pregnant and nursing mothers.

Fun Fact 3 – Contains high protein content. Acai is loaded with proteins. Health experts the world over recommend getting a daily dose of protein either through meats or vitamins as they help in your body’s growth process. The proteins in Acai help in muscle development as well as overall body growth and speed of development.

Fun Fact 4 – Acai boosts metabolism and increases energy. This powerful berry is known to supply the system with higher doses of energy throughout the day. This is important to maintain your alertness and concentration particularly at work or while playing sports.

Fun Fact 5 – Assists with weight loss. Acai contains numerous effective nutrients like Omega-3, 6, and 9, which assist in weight reduction. Aside from this, Acai detoxifies your system and rids it of excess toxins helping you to lose weight faster and safer. Lots of toxins clog up your arteries preventing oxygen flow and weakening the immune system. However, the detoxifying properties of Acai enhance your immune system.

Fun Fact 6 – Acai helps individuals sleep better. Numerous users of Acai report that the berry assists them to even sleep better at night. Studies show that the berry consists of a powerful mind relaxer that enables individuals with sleep disorders to fall asleep simpler and to sleep longer at night.

Fun Fact 7 – Acai consists of effective anti-oxidants that help in fat loss and also the body’s general development. These anti-oxidants also assist to heal and rapidly repair your body in case of injuries.

With all these benefits it’s no wonder why celebrities like Tony Parker and Courtney Love are swearing by Acai.

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