Intention Manifestation Is Becoming A Mainstream Notion

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8 Jun 2010

Since the release of “The Secret, ” the idea that we create our own dreams through the power of intention manifestation has reached a broader range of people. Once an “out there” idea, it is now a common topic of discussion, as people discover their curiosity about the mysteries of our own subconscious minds. Being responsible for what happens in our lives is becoming a more popular concept.

Being open to the idea that our reality is our own creation is powerful. The simplicity of performing daily tasks, whether it be cooking a meal or running an errand, can be seen as part of our mental picture before it reaches the physical world. Expanding that concept to include creating more of what we want in our lives, seen in this way, is not a huge stretch.

Many books have been written on the subject. An early work on the subject is Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rick” in 1937. This book was the result of studying the lives of hundreds of successful men. A common thread these men shared was the belief in affirmations and a positive attitude. Reading aloud a clear, concise statement of what one wants to achieve, twice a day, is one of the main exercises. This concept of positive affirmations has been carried into our modern times.

This can sound overly simple, and perhaps it it. But for many, the act of taking responsibility for the results in their lives has led to personal empowerment. They have a feeling of success, however they define it. For many, it has nothing to do with material wealth; success is defined as having a full life on their own terms. Taking charge and achieving what one wants from life can be a scary idea, but when it works, it is a positive concept.

For so many more, taking responsibility for their lives seems daunting. They feel no control in their lives and no power to change them. The ways to turn this attitude around could fill a book store, and if it were easy, we would all be living the lives or our dreams. There doesn’t seem to be a magic trick to all of this, as each person’s life unfolds in a unique way.

It’s possible that attaining dreams is out of reach for reasons we cannot see: karma, destiny, the journey of the soul. Possibly it is all meaningless, with no point or difference to be made in spite of one’s efforts. None can say, but humanity does seem to be on a search for deeper meaning and a way to tap into achieving a life that works.

Possibly it is our own intuition that can lead the way. Some suggest that our internal guidance system has more power than we have been taught to understand. If nothing else, developing an inner calm can make external situations more bearable.

However we wish to define our lives, intention manifestation is a compelling concept. Learning to tap into the power of our own minds is a growing and compelling notion, and taking responsibility for how our lives are working, or not working, is a challenge worth taking.

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