Photo Comparisons And Testimonials – Should You Take Their Word?

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23 Apr 2010

Pictures of Photo facial before and after treatments are available in the internet usually for testimonials on what they have gone through with the procedures. The effectiveness of Photo facial rejuvenation however is different from one another as the skin types are different as well. Before going through an actual treatment, check on Photo facial before and after pictures first and read more information on them.

Photo facials usually are best encouraged to those who have Rosacea, an acute acne which is characterized by flushed or reddening skin. Together with other acne types and acne scars, fine lines, wrinkles and other derma problems. Depending on your skin type, the best photo facial treatment for you will be determined by your doctor. You may also ask about the possibility of getting the same results as the ones on the Photo Facial before and after testimonial, although there may be discrepancies due to multiple factors.

Depending on the situation of your skin, it is also important to know that the extent of your dilemma may change from the one in the Photo facial before and after results. There are different cases of skin improvements. Even if two cases are the same, the healing process of the skin itself may also be different so it is not always reliable to only base your decision on pictures and testimonials.

On the first treatment, you may not see the immediate results, but over time depending on the severity of your condition, it may take more time. Five to eight sessions are needed to have a visible comparison of Photo Facial Before and after results. After the desired result is achieved, you can have it maintained once per year at the least.

Intense Pulsed Light or IPL is usually used for treatments. Other treatments include laser skin treatments, Botox treatments, threading and the like. All these processes require a photo facial before and after document to know the maximum results of the procedure. This is not only used to show the progress report of the patient, it is also needed for the documentation of the clinic or the hospital.

The procedures are precise and needs extreme care as the apparatus for the treatment is powerful in minute form and should be handled with utmost care. The patient is taken a picture for the Photo Facial before and after documentation to compare the results and to check on the progress status and effectiveness of the treatment.

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