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13 Mar 2010

For over 50 years, the Outer Banks has been a holiday destination. In the last ten years, the Outer Banks has experienced a boom in new construction. Homes built in the last ten to twenty years offer many more amenities than I ever available in the traditional beach huts.

Not long ago central air conditioning was not even offered in beach houses. Just making it to the beach to vacation was cause for celebration. After a hot day at the beach, inside the house did not feel so bad. In these simpler times the home were as basic as possible. Many of the traditional cottages offering unique amenity that is really necessary, shelter from the elements.

Homes today are beyond what is traditionally offered. Today’s tourists want a house with at least 10 TVs, as many DVD players, pool, jacuzzi, and a lift. It is also nothing to some of the most luxurious houses today to offer a theater and recording studio. Tourists also want the house today to provide sheets and towels.

The days are long gone, with only a day at the Outer Banks rentals and enjoy the company of those who are on holiday with them was sufficient for a successful holiday. Unfortunately, today many tourists now forget why put up all year to go on vacation to relax. If at the end No. 1 concern or television or DVD player does not work instead of enjoying the simple pleasures of a holiday, you will never be happy with what you pay for.

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