Vitamins And Foods Important For Canine Consumption

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6 Jan 2010

With many families considering their pets to be “one of the family, “the problem of knowing what food is best for the pet while keeping within budget becomes a task to work around. Even common pet foods may not be healthy for your dog, so it is best to educate yourself on what should and should not be in your dog’s food.

Humans and canines both need protein to keep a stable immune system and for healing after an illness. Protein that comes from cheap sources isn’t considered to be so beneficial, but protein derived from red meat and chicken will do their best to “keep the show running.” Dog food producers that use real meat charge more money, but the end product is much more tasty and healthy for dogs.

Cats are known to eat fish products, but so too are dogs. Perhaps not a key ingredient, fish ingredients help the immune system and coat of the canine by offering key vitamins and essential amino acids. Fish ingredients may be derived from trout and herring, but can sometimes come from other sources as well.

Wheat is a main ingredient in high-level dog foods. Corn is usually its substitute among cheaper imitation brands since it is so cheap. Corn is hard for a pet to digest, although it is healthy at the same time. Wheat can be finely ground and easily consumed, yet also has plenty of key nutrients necessary for pet health. Wheat has carbohydrates in it that will fuel a dog’s energy levels all day long.

Rice isn’t so popular in western societies for human consumption as it is in the east, but it is something put into dog food quite a bit. Rice has the ability of keeping the digestion system of the dog running smoothly. It can sometimes remedy a small problem in digestion, but if your dog has serious problems you should seek professional help. Otherwise, rice ingredients are good for long term health of the digestion system.

Organic food is seen as more healthy than factory-made foods. Organic dog food is the same way, but it also comes at a bit higher of a price on average. Organic dog food will use real foods and safe manufacturing processes, which is leaps and bounds ahead of the factory, lab-created, food that dogs don’t find too appetizing. Organic foods are more popular today, and can be found at most pet stores.

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