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26 Feb 2009

I found the following information on a variety of websites and compiled the information to make this post. This information is not created by me as I’m not an expert.

You want to lose weight, but you know you should exercise? Many people ponder whether aerobic exercise works, and this question a number of times throughout the year, but what precisely is aerobics? There are many more choices than simply attending an aerobics class. Aerobic means “in the presence of oxygen.” Your body will burn fat more capably when increasing your oxygen rate through aerobic activity.

The other two important burn fat aspects concerning fat burning and weight loss those are often overlooked are proper nutrition (diet) and strength training. Diet is important to fuel the body to perform activity; this can easily be attained by following the food guide pyramid. A healthy diet doesn’t mean purchasing supplements or eating extra protein—it means getting a healthy variety from all of the food groups:

1. Running: Running is almost always the first on each list. It’s easy to do from almost any location—all you need is the pavement and a good pair of running shoes. You can burn a significant amount of calories— about 300 calories or more in a half of an hour. You can even enhance that total with intervals and hills. The downside is that strong knees are a must. Strength training is of utmost importance in regards to injury prevention.

2. Cross Country Skiing: Cross-country skiing is an awesome cardio/calorie burner. It utilizes both upper and lower body, making the heart rate soar. On average, a half hour burns a whopping 330 calories! The only downside (aside from being HARD)—it takes extra equipment and snow.

3. Spinning/Cycling: Cycling either indoors or out is a great cardio activity. Spinning classes have become very popular throughout the United States—many clubs requiring sign-up 24 hours prior to class. As in any cardio activity, there is a huge variable as there can be such differences in strength. Hills, sprints, jumps, etc. can burn anywhere from 300-500 calories per half hour. Okay, for this you need a bike and helmet, shoes, padded shorts.

4. Step Aerobics/Cardio Kickboxing: Step has lasted much longer than anybody expected, and cardio kickboxing can pack quite a punch when it comes to cardio workouts. An extra benefit: many classes include some strength and flexibility at the end of each class. Classes often have different instructors and frequently can add a variety to your program. You can burn 300-400 calories. You do need either a club membership or a good video and a step.

To lose fat, you must eat. Your body is designed for survival, and part of its survival mechanism involves storing and holding onto body fat when there is lots of food, to be used when food is scarce. If you make a habit of not eating, skipping meals, or constantly eating too few calories, your metabolism will slow down in order to conserve caloric energy. To avoid this condition, eat good quality foods in the proper quantities at usual intervals. The initial weight loss achieved through improper calorie restriction is muscle, not fat, so it is a poor long-term solution.

So, what’s diet holding you back? By rising your cardio activity, you’ll feel better, look better, decrease stress, and have more energy. Remember, you just need to raise that heart level and increase that oxygen—So many choices! Do something each day, even if it means simply adding extra steps to your every day activities. You’ll be feeling younger and healthier in no time.

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