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28 Nov 2013

Musicians are cautious! The OP-1 is a synthesizer that some could adore and others could reject as a mere expensive plaything.

For myself, Teenage Engineering’s OP-1 has been an indispensable addition to my synth collection: partially because it produces sounds I cannot discover in other places and partially due to the fact that it’s so extremely easy (and yes, even enjoyable) to use. (See video here.).

The color-base interface took me by surprise! There’s virtually no learning curve for adjusting the eight separate sound engines (and results)– the equipment is highly aesthetic hereof. In fact I enjoy handing my OP-1 to non-musicians and viewing them as they practically quickly start “shows” a sound. For an entertainer, this kind of ease-of-use is power: to easily transform a few knobs and will get to the noise one seeks. No messing around. In this regard, the cheap op1 at musicians friend is a musician’s instrument.

The mobility is a nice plus. I could organize it into a knapsack, take it anywhere, sketch out a suggestion for a song anywhere (using it’s built-in “four-track recorder” which runs just like a reel-to-reel tape). They market the batteries to enduring 16 hrs … I have not checked that, yet I have no aggravations because regard.

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